How It Works


Browse from any computer that's online and you've got instant access to any APPLEBOX powered store then and there. No more wondering what's been released or whether copies are available, and no more walking around aisles as everything is now at your finger tips.

Browse by latest releases, genre, actor, director, watch previews and bookmark all those movies you want to come back to!

Make sure you maximise your browser window so our catalogue completely fills your screen; our full size poster art looks fantastic.


Booking is what makes it all worthwhile! Hit 'rent me' and the movie is guaranteed yours without even setting foot in the video store.

Browse and book on your time and swing through for pickup anytime that day. It's all about doing things on your terms at your convenience.

Don't forget to bookmark your favourites so you've got a ready list to pick from whenever you want.


The last piece of the puzzle - a quick trip to the store to grab your movie and be on your way. We'll have your DVD prepped and ready to go. Or .. come on down, pull up a pew and enjoy a big screen with fast browsing and great staff!

A store without acres of shelving is a completely different experience. You'll find it cosy and super easy to lookup all the recommendations our staff can throw at you. Whilst we think online is great, local service is even better.